Miele Complete C3 Alize PowerLine - SGJE0 Severna Park

Miele Complete C3 Alize PowerLine - SGJE0 Severna Park

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Brand: Miele

Publisher: Miele

Miele's Complete C3 Alize Vacuum Cleaner includes an AirTeQ blend floor instrument perfect for cleaning low heap covering, mats and smooth ground surface. The AirTeQ has streamlined wind stream for continuous floor contact as you change from smooth ground surface to cover. Alize offers a sharp, self-changing programmed setting. As you change from hardwoods to covering, the Alize naturally diminishes suction, at that point builds suction when you come back to smooth, strong ground surface - sparing you both time and vitality. An adaptive, hardened steel wand and long electrical line, with one-contact programmed rewind, give an all-out cleaning sweep of 36 feet. The total C3 Alize vacuum cleaner Glen Burnie is additionally furnished with a grand solace grasp handle with drove front light and six-organize suction controls, in addition to programmed setting, by means of a +/ - footswitch. Different comforts incorporate three coordinated extras - a cleaning brush, upholstery device and hole spout - and a 3d guard.


  1. High suction power – 1200 W
  1. All TeQ floorhead is ideal for hard floors and low-pile carpet.
  1. Maximum air hygiene with HEPA AirClean filter
  1. Adjustable working height – Stainless steel telescopic tube
  1. No need to stoop thanks to plus/minus foot controls