Janome 1000 CPX Sewing Machine Washington D.C. -  Sewvac

Janome 1000 CPX Sewing Machine Washington D.C. - Sewvac

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Brand: Janome

Publisher: Janome

A spread line machine is basic for the sewist hoping to accomplish an expert completion. The Cover Pro Janome 1000CPX Washington D.C. inventive plan depends on the marriage of a mechanical style spread sew machine and an advantageous home machine. The subsequent association has created a rapid, long arm, uncompromising spread sew machine that looks and works like a sewing machine. With a wide outing spread sew line, elite free arm designs, the Janome's Seam Tightening System TM(STS), the Janome 1000CPX Suitland is the most developed Cover Hem machine accessible. Cover Pro is a devoted spread fix fasten machine, with no other serge, overlock, or moved to sew lines and doesn't cut the material as you are sewing on an overlay to trim or further into the texture for enriching spread hemstitching.


  1. Quick reference sticker for stitch selection
  2. Vertical needle drop
  3. Extra-large bed space 4” x 5.5”
  4. Tension release device
  5. Foot pressure adjustment