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  • We carry a variety of cleaning products and supplies to help you better maintain a clean and allergen-free home – from hard floor cleaners and shine restorers to stain removers and odor eliminators. 
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Most people are looking for an easy button regarding stains and rush out to buy the latest multipurpose stain remover off the shelf at a big-box store. This often gets limited results, however, because a multipurpose stain remover is not specific as to what it removes.

Since every stain is different and some chemicals work better at removing specific stains, we carry a variety of stain-specific removers from Core Products, including:

Unbelievable: This is a concentrated multipurpose stain remover

Tannex: This is a chemical to remove Coffee and other brown stains.

Juice Out and Dye Remover: This is designed to remove red wine, and red fruit juices.

Rust Spot’R: This removes rust stains much better than a multipurpose stain remover.

Graffiti Off: Removes Graffiti from exterior and interior surfaces.

Ink Out: Formulated to remove ink stains from carpet and fabric.

Pet Urine and Odor Remover:
A must for pet owners. This has an active enzyme that removes pet urine odor.